The transformation of Web Hosting industry to Cloud – a walk through

The formative years

The concept of hosting was unknown in the 1980s. Computers, mobiles were giants at that time. There were a few names to go to if you needed a website, or we can say, a fancy page on the computer at that time.

That was the inception phase for websites. Remember the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie that was made in the 1998 with its story about the mail notification- You've got mail? It was promoted through a website with minimalist design. Unbelievable!

Then the dotcom came in 1985 and there was this internet boom in the next decade. Thus, there have been revolutionary changes in the ways we communicate and do business – from mid 90s till today. Thanks to the internet with which there have been huge technological changes - emails, internet messaging and much more.

Well, if we talk about that time in the beginning, hosting meant managing huge servers in the office. Hosting companies gradually started coming into existence at this time. With the emergence of Linux and MySQL, few more hosting companies serving local market saw the light of the day.

That was the party time for web hosters.

Cloud emergence- the revolutionary new technology


Then year 2000 came and that brought with it, the virtualization boom. The market saw some new players in the form of cloud hosting providers.

At this time, investment into different digital marketing strategies was increased and people started understanding the necessity of getting an online presence. It played an important role to reach the clienteles globally and thus, increase their revenue.

The period between 2005 and 2008 saw the cloud becoming the giant in the IT industry. And with it, the confusion - whether to stay with hosting industry or foray into the cloud service providers' arena?

The Cloud – taking a strong foothold


The above image depicts that the cloud market share is increasing at a much faster rate today and will continue to do so in the coming years, as compared to traditional web hosting.

Cloud provides a huge opportunity for service providers to enhance their profitability and revenue. In the images shown below, there is an inkling of revenue growth for cloud platform providers, applications and business services providers from 2008 to 2020 as per a Forrester research.


Why service providers and small players should sell cloud?

As many big cloud companies have started to invest in the market heavily, little players are losing out on their market value, but they have the hosting expertise that is the absolute need for deployment and migration to cloud.

So although big cloud players have all the technologies, know-how and resources, they still need the technical skills or expertise of small hosts for the deployment of cloud. This need has created a mutually beneficial relationship between the big cloud players and small web hosting and other IT services providers.

Moreover, small companies are more familiar with the market and they understand the needs of the customers, so they are better equipped to sell cloud to the local marketplace.

Thus, cloud has given an opportunity to the small service providers to start selling cloud by becoming the partner of big cloud sellers. Thus, they can enhance their revenue by selling cloud with traditional IT.

World Cloud Summit 2016- calling out all aspiring Cloud sellers

No matter which business we belong to – a) we are all customer oriented, and b) we want to increase our revenue opportunities. Right?

How to go about the above 2 points, is all what World Cloud Summit 2016 is all about.

World Cloud Summit 2016 will help you:

  1. Become a one-stop service provider: With informative speaking sessions and workshops, get a fountain of new ideas, complete guidance and walk-through about how you can start selling cloud services to become a one-stop service provider for your end customer.

  2. Increase revenue and profit margins: When you bundle and add new services on top of your existing product portfolio, you can cross-sell and up-sell more to your customers, thereby increasing your revenue. Boost your profit by keeping your margins high on these new services.

  3. Meet all cloud vendors: Meet all cloud vendors at WCS 2016 - Microsoft Azure, Amazon, IBM SoftLayer, Google, DigitalOcean, OpenStack, Office 365, Google Apps etc., and choose whose services are best, and you want to resell.

  4. Network with your industry members: WCS 2016 gives you opportunity to meet, interact, and partner with around top 1200 Indian IT service providers across multiple segments – Web Designers, Application Developers, Software Resellers, Hardware Vendors, Domainers and Web Hosters, Data Centers, IT consultants, and many more.

I personally think World Cloud Summit-2016 is going to be a great opportunity for Indian IT community to learn how they can align their existing business models with the cloud – something that is most definitely going to be the future.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please reach out to the team at touch@worldcloudsummit.com.

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