Thank you, people, for making World Cloud Summit 2017 a huge success!

World Cloud Summit (WCS) 2017 turned out to be a crowd-puller event this year too with a record number of registrations and attendees, albeit being organized virtually.

The event brought the thought leaders from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Tata Communications, RackNap, Plesk and ZNetLive; and the key decision makers and business professionals from the cloud, datacenter, web hosting, AI and IoT industries together on 5 and 6 December on the virtual WCS 2017 platform.

The global event saw over 500 attendees on both the days with registrations crossing over 600 for each day. The event was quite successful as it met its objective of bringing together dignitaries from varied fields of the IT industry, including cloud service providers (CSPs), IaaS providers, web hosters, managed service providers (MSPs), datacenter providers, system integrators and traditional IT service providers.

WCS 2017 – the focus

The event focused on the trends in cloud and other promising cloud-based technologies, and different opportunities that have come up for CSPs, MSPs and other service providers. It also focused on steps CIOs and CTOs should take to overcome barriers to digital transformation acceptance and to increase profitability for their organization. Also, the speakers discussed the benefits that the end customers can have by accepting the advanced technologies today.

The sessions in the event highlighted the strategic ways through which a business can optimize cost, reduce TCO and maximize ROI with cloud solutions and how service providers can make use of this rising cloud opportunity to increase their revenue sources.

The industry experts, based upon the latest researches, helped participating members understand the trends which they can utilize with respect to the present market scenarios, while utilizing their core strengths.

The session speakers also discussed important methods for better service delivery, support and diversification of services portfolio with cloud and other solutions.

The sessions

Day 1:

Session 1: Building an enterprise cloud strategy aligning with industry trends

The event started with a session by Guruprit Ahuja, CEO and Co-founder – RackNap, who discussed about the IT industry transformation and how cloud shift is reshaping the future. He said that Microsoft, Google and AWS are the trendsetters of this transformation. He stressed that those who'll transform will survive, and the rest will perish.


Session 2: Datacenter Transformation – The Journey to the Cloud

In the next session, Microsoft's Technology Strategist Pradeep Jhunjhunwala, talked of ways to migrate applications and workloads to Azure. He pointed out the benefits of Azure and how it is a comprehensive cloud solution with hybrid capabilities of the future. He also discussed Azure Stack and its benefits for those who wish to have all the capabilities of Azure in their own datacenter.


Session 3: How SPs can offer a ready to code and secure platform?

Third session by Plesk CTO, Jan Loeffler, provided in-depth visibility into Plesk Onyx – the most comprehensive web hosting control panel that helps build, safeguard and run cloud application.


Session 4: Simplifying Management and Delivery of Cloud Services

The first day came to an end with an insightful session by Sabarinathan Sampath, Senior Vice President, RackNap. He discussed the importance of automation and a unified platform in cloud service delivery and business processes. He said, "A common platform is needed which can bind cloud vendors, CSPs and consumers together to make digital transformation a success."

Day 2:

Session 1: Opportunities to improve profitability in the age of Digital Transformation

The day 2 started with an interesting session by Munesh Jadoun, CEO and Founder, ZNetLive. He talked about various opportunities to improve profitability in the age of digital transformation.


He told that organizations today are not able to focus on their core operations and are spending more time and money on their IT infrastructure and opting for managed services is an ideal way to deal with it. He further said that managed cloud services can help both - large and small-scale enterprises.


Session 2: Transform your business at lower costs

Head of Cloud Economics, AWS, Krishnan Kannan, talked about how cloud services can help organizations save cost as compared to different on-premise solutions, in his session.

Session 3: Building a hybrid cloud strategy for your organization

Rajesh Awasthi, AVP – Global Hosting & Cloud Services, Tata Communications, talked about the benefits of multi-cloud strategy, what's driving its adoption and how it's the future of the cloud world. He also stressed that with managed services, a business can simplify its journey to cloud.


Session 4: Secure your business critical data with cost optimization

Barkha Singh – Chief Marketing Officer, ZNetLive, wrapped up the event with her last session. She discussed ways to secure crucial business data with cost optimization and how cloud based backup-as-a-service can help businesses save nearly 1/3rd of their backup costs.

"World Cloud Summit proved to be a single platform that connected members from IT industry and cloud" -an attendee's feedback.

Next World Cloud Summit 2018 will be a physical event and will be held in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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