Indian IT Industry – Thank you for making Nationwide Cloud Connect 2015 a huge success!

The Nationwide Cloud Connect 2015 (NWCC) by ZNetLive and Microsoft last year saw us meeting the entire IT industry at four major cities - Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It was an event that had our industry partners - Web hosts, Telcos, SIs, Tally providers, Application providers, Resellers, Web developers, Digital marketers, and a number of other technology providers get insight into how aggressively the Indian IT ecosystem is evolving.

The sheer numbers speak for themselves of the response - over 623 were in attendance, with 208 attendees from Delhi, 125 in Mumbai, 150 in Jaipur, 140 in Bangalore, made this event a mega success.


Rather than being just another conference, it was the open house discussion on how service providers can increase their revenue by aligning their existing business model with the Cloud. The feedback that we got from you was that NWCC15 was highly productive. The reason being that attendees got to meet and network with the same industry members - who're all facing same problems:

  • Less selling options

  • Low profit margins

  • Rapidly shifting consumer interests

  • Aggressively evolving technological advancements

  • Increased interest and demand of CLOUD among consumers

  • Increased need to joint partnerships.


As per our statistics, and a survey we conducted:

  • 42% of attendees who adopted, and started reselling cloud services post the event saw a 13% increase in new customer acquisition.

  • 71% of attendees who adopted, and started reselling cloud services post the event saw a 49% increase in ARPU.

  • 35% of the attendees who adopted, and started reselling cloud services post the event saw an increase in their business revenue by 1.3 times.


How did World Cloud Summit 2016 materialize?

The key takeaways from the NWCC was that almost all end customers– whether an enterprise, SMB or an entity wants to deal with only a single vendor. Running from pillar to post or rather from one vendor to another, for fulfilling all their IT requirements is a wastage of time and money for the end customers.

Same is true for Cloud requirement also. No one wants to buy hardware from one, software from another, get installation done by someone else, and then when you need support, phew! You understand the complete picture :)

So, it's better that service providers become that one go to vendor for all cloud services there can be.

Now, how can someone become a one stop shop for all Cloud solutions?

This question and the business positivism brought forth by the Cloud has inspired us to go for our next big Cloud event- WCS 2016, where the attendees can get insights on how they can become that one go to vendor who can meet all technology needs, optimize networks and deliver wholesome Cloud solutions to their users – the end customers.

Thus, World Cloud Summit will be a great opportunity to network with the complete Indian IT industry and build productive partnerships. So, we invite you to attend this mega event and join hundreds of influencers in the Cloud industry and other technology leaders who will be attending this event to help shape up the Cloud world of the future.

Hope to see you there :)

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